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Soupateria attendees eat fresh from SUBWAY

Subway donated 100 sandwiches, cookies and bottled drinks to the soup kitchen for lunch Wednesday
Penticton’s Soupateria got a little help with serving people in need of free lunch Wednesday, as Subway rolled in with subs, cookies and bottled drinks.
The Grewal family, which owns four Subway locations in Penticton, donated 100 of each item, which Emily Beckett with the Soupateria said was a big help, even if it was a quiet day at the soup kitchen.

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100 Women pitch in

Dozens of women gathered at the 100 Women Who Care event on Wednesday to choose who would receive this quarter’s big cheque.

“Being a new business, we are so happy to have 100 Women Who Care come and check out the venue and our facility,” added Play Estate Winery’s Katherine Bramall.

Up for the top prize were the Penticton Access Centre, the SPCA and the Soupateria. Each of those charities gave a speech about what they do with their donations over a glass of wine.

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Soupateria needs volunteers!

The Penticton Soupateria society is looking for additional volunteer support and board members.
“We have an aging volunteer population right now. So we’re looking to get people in and trained. So that some of our older volunteers can have a rest,” said Lauraine Bailie, volunteer coordinator for the Soupateria.

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Towers support Soupateria

A group of residents of Penticton’s Lakeshore Towers have raised more than $1,600 for the local soup kitchen.
Claire McCartney said she was inspired by a news report last year that stated the Soupateria is able to feed a person with just two dollars.

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