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The Penticton Community Soupateria Outreach is a volunteer based charitable organization in the eyes of Revenue Canada. Our volunteers are all ages from students in grade 7 to grandparents. Approximately 125 dedicated people from various churches and the public at large give generously of their time and talent to make this programme possible. A board of directors is elected annually and oversees the operation of the program. By-laws, guidelines, a code of conduct, and an operation manual are in place.

Who We Serve

Our clients are a cross section of society including all ages from single mothers with children, those who may be homeless, to lonely senior citizens. Many face the challenges of unemployment, seasonally based employment, or fixed incomes. Some are dealing with physical, emotional, or mental challenges. Anyone in need may come to be fed with no personal questions asked.


In 2015 during that period, the Soupateria served over 43,000 nutritious meals at an average cost of $3.00 per serving. Occasionally a Registered Nurse from Interior Health drops in to facilitate easy access to health care. Anyone seeking shelter is connected with another agency. Yearly costs are over $100,000. Every dollar counts and is used wisely!

Our Funding

We depend upon generous donations from churches, businesses, social clubs and individuals in the community. We also organize some fund raising events during the year such as the Toonie Campaign. The Penticton Community Soupateria is an independent charitable organization in the eyes of Revenue Canada with a registered number.


President and Chairman
Roderick Strike
Hospitality Management Degree

Vice President

Past President
Lauraine Bailie

Operations Manager
Tracy Comber

Peter d'Aoust

David Northcott
B.Comm, M.Ed

Public Relations

Debra (Red) Williams
Restaurant Owner

Don Magill
Retired Specialty Education

Purchaser/Inventory Contoller
Chris Grauer